This summer, the password will be “isolation”. The most sought-after solutions, in fact, must allow us the greatest possible social distancing, in the name of safety.

The mountain, in particular the Aosta Valley, with its countless possibilities for paths and green spaces, will be a winning solution for those looking for a holiday away from too crowded places.

Nothing better, therefore, after breakfast (by the way: to minimize the risk of gathering, this year we will offer the possibility to consume it, as well as in the breakfast room, also in the terrace of the bar) in the Hotel , drive a handful of kilometers by car to stop in one of the nearby side valleys. The offer is varied: from regenerating walks with the family to the most demanding treks. All of this, of course, surrounded by the reassuring embrace of our mountains. Breathtaking waterfalls, blooming meadows, woods, wild animals in their environment. Breathing fresh, uncontaminated, regenerating air. Pure nature.

The same conditions of isolation and feelings of security will arise in the evening upon returning to the hotel. Guaranteed by our housing solutions. By choosing the “residence formula“, you will have the opportunity, inside your room, to take advantage of an equipped kitchenette, for cooking while avoiding the gathering of the restaurant. Dine in your room, with your family, dishes prepared by you, like at home but … in the Aosta Valley!

Food supplies are also not a problem. In fact, within 100 meters from the hotel, you will find a bakery, butcher / delicatessen, edible shop, even an ice cream shop / pastry shop! And if, on a particular evening, you don’t want to cook, perhaps because the walk in the mountains has proved more tiring than expected, we will recommend excellent restaurants at zero kilometers or … almost. Some of them offer the possibility of take-away food (which you can heat and consume in your room) as well as a discount for our guests.

Call us or send an email, for more information on the residence formula or for a quote. Or book! This summer, isolate yourself … on vacation!