November 25, 2022: an important date eagerly awaited by the inhabitants of Saint-Pierre and by tourists.

Finally, after being closed for 14 years, the recently restored Château de Saint-Pierre reopens to the public.

Not only: that, enthusiasts will also be able to admire the renovated Regional Museum of Natural Sciences, rightly named after the legendary founder Efisio Noussan.

The careful restoration involved both the internal and external parts of the historic building. The architectural structures were made safe and the wooden attics and floors consolidated. We proceeded with the installation of new technological systems and an elevator. Finally, the external facades and internal rooms were restored.

An opportunity for our guests, who will reach the site directly on foot during the day, via the ramp below the manor. In the evening, before falling asleep, they will contemplate it from the windows and balconies of the Hotel, thanks to the new lighting that highlights the architectural details.

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Photo Stefano Venturini